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Tips and Tricks with KABC TV’s Food and Fitness Coach

December 08, 2018 2 min read

We had Lori Corbin, food and fitness coach from KABC TV, Channel 7, visit our gym in Westlake Village yesterday at 5 a.m. Yes, you read that correctly, 5 A.M.!

But we were there ready to do it. She wanted to do a live cut-in for the 6 a.m. news on “How to get rid of back fat,” so we did. I just took three exercises since we didn’t have a lot of time. So what to show in a few minutes that really works?

OK, simply one, running on a treadmill with the incline all the way up? Really Bas? Oh yes, how many of you have been doing this and have lower back pain after running? (Should have stretched more!) Guess why? Because you hit those muscles as well, PLUS we made it more interesting with the o2trainer. But here’s why it works…

Well, I’ve been saying this many times, “Breathing is done by your diaphragm and intercostal muscles (the muscles between your ribs that are mainly involved in “breathing”), but also, believe it or not, your lower back muscles.

I knew this since I had a breathing coach for my asthma when I was a kid. But the first fighter to ever tell me this as well was UFC Champ George St. Pierre about a year ago, so I know he has a breathing coach as well, smart man!

Another exercise was to slam a medicine ball on the ground, sprawl and get back up. When slamming the ball, you use your lower back (and the arm, shoulder, core, etc.) and the sprawl works the lower back again (plus legs, triceps, chest, etc). Of course, we added an o2trainer as well for even more burning!

Last exercise was: Hooks on the Body Action System (if you don’t know what it is, Google it), you can do this on a bag as well, but some people might hurt their hands/wrists. When you throw the hooks, make sure you rotate your upper body with every punch you make, so not only “arm/shoulder punches” but whole upper body rotation, which, of course, is your core and lower back muscles again.

Add an o2trainer and you WILL work them even harder.

Of course life in TV land is not always perfect and things can go wrong. We lost sound, but that is OK because Lori shot another piece with us that will be broadcast this week or early next week on her own show. I will let you guys know when that will be.

Godspeed & party on!