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Neck Problems

December 08, 2018 2 min read

For the people out there who have the same neck problem as I do, this is for you.

After my visit to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona (had 17 appointments) they gave me a green light to start rehabbing.
I couldn’t train before because they thought it might be “brachial plexus” and then it needs rest. Needles to say, after two years of not training, my right arm is pretty atrophied.
I was always showing off to the fighters in Japan in the subway where they asked me to do the “one arm pull ups”, that was no problem at that time, but right now I have trouble getting a gallon of milk out of the fridge.

So it’s quite annoying for me to do curls now with 5 lbs, but I started with 6 reps, and now I am at 18, so I tripled it in about 4 weeks.

They give you a bunch of exercises that you have to do, and the first week you can do everything only 1 time, second week 2 times and the last two weeks I did 3 times every exercise. I threw in some conditioning exercises as well otherwise I get bored.

The trick is (when you have the same problem) is not to max out your power every set, that will actually make it worse they say.

It’s feeling better but of course it’s going really slow. I am trying to schedule a visit to Panama where they have this great stem cell research center. A few guys I know went there and they had unbelievable.
Once I schedule it I will let you guys know how it goes, it will also give me a lot of free time in Panama and then I will write down the exercises that I am doing for my rehab!