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What The O2 Trainer Is NOT!

December 08, 2018 2 min read

We have gotten a lot of reviews from our fans over the past few weeks. Thank you for that! It really means the world to us and we are so pleased that the O2 Trainer helps you guys to achieve your workout goals. We have noticed though that there seems to be a bit of a misconception going on what the O2 Trainer is and what it is NOT.

Let us explain through an example:

This is Eric Bell’s review from Mooreville, MS and he wrote the following:

“I have gone back and forth using and not using the O2Trainer and I thought I’d give my honest opinion. I have heard the debate for and against it’s effects. I am a software developer just trying to stay in the best shape I can. I’m no pro athlete, but am athletic and am always looking for better and more efficient work outs as my time is scarce. I regularly do kettlebell workouts, cardio workouts, and play basketball weekly. I only use the o2Trainer for straight cardio workouts (on runs or treadmill). I have been pleased with the results as my cardio seems to improve through the use of o2Trainer, but I worry about the critics who say that depriving oxygen during exercise is not good for you. After reading their points, I decided I am only going to use it occasionally.”

When you use the O2 Trainer CORRECTLY you won’t deprive yourself from oxygen.

Or, let’s say, if  you decide to put screen 7 in for your first workout, yeah, you will have a problem breathing but you simply can’t do the workout.

Start as directed, when you are an athlete you probably can start with screen number 3, only when you feel that you can do the workouts “pretty easy” you can go to number 4, etc.


When you let your body gradually adapt and you will get the same amount of oxygen every time, your lungs simply get stronger and that’s why you can change the cap every time for a higher number screen.

The big difference between high altitude training and the O2 Trainer is, you won’t make your lungs STRONGER training high altitude but the O2 Trainer DOES make them stronger.


So please, use the O2 Trainer the way you should, and you will never deprive yourself from oxygen.