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Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

December 08, 2018 1 min read

Strengthening the immune system really boils down to strengthening your core and strengthening all other areas of your body. To begin strengthening you need to know where it all starts: Your lungs. Your nose and mouth are the entry ways for air and oxygen. The problem that many people have is taking in too much or too little oxygen. But the root of this issue starts with breathing technique.

The O2 Trainer is a system of breathing controls to help regulate how much oxygen enters your body. Ten different air intake vents come with the O2 Trainer, each one elevating your workouts by helping control your breathing. Start at level 1 with the largest air intake hole and work your way up to the smallest hole for extreme workouts.

The goal of the Trainer is get you taking deeper breaths. With each one of these deeper breaths comes a more concentrated level of oxygen. After oxygen enters the body, it is carried through the body in blood cells. The easier you make it for oxygen to travel, the healthier your immune system will be. That is because your body will be strong enough to fight off many diseases it faces.