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The Bas Rutten O2 Trainer – Take Your Breathing to the Next Level

December 08, 2018 2 min read

It is tough not to take breathing for granted and for most people it is an afterthought. Learning the process of properly breathing and taking advantage of all the oxygen that your body takes in was the idea behind the O2 Trainer created by Bas Rutten.

Bas was a long way from the dominant MMA fighter he would become later in life, as early in life Bas was dominated by his asthma. Choosing not to let asthma control him, Bas set out to work on his breathing just as if he was working any other muscle. He even went so far as to put a foreign coin that contained a tiny hole in it in his mouth to try and increase his breathing strength and although he gave that up for fear of swallowing the coin, that trigged the idea for the O 2 Trainer.


Bas went from having six asthma attacks per day to only one with the help of his creation the O2 Trainer. Bas trained his lungs to be so productive and by increasing the oxygen you take in by breathing through the diaphragm as well as breathing correctly it allowed Bas to not only train harder but also it increased his stamina. Two key attributes of the O 2 Trainer are that you not only have more stamina, you don’t want to lacking for oxygen at the end of the game and also as you are training the more your muscles grow, the more oxygen that they need to be supplied with. The O 2 Trainer takes care of both of those issues.

The O 2 Trainer is incredibly simple to use, it is designed to fit in your mouth and gives a nice fit when your lips are closed. You just attach the inhale cap to the O 2 Trainer and place it in your mouth. There are 14 different inhaling caps; you begin with number one and work your way up to 14. The higher the number the smaller the hole on the inhale cap and you are also provided with a nosepiece to make the exercise even more difficult. You can begin just by sitting in a chair and take deep and steady breaths from your diaphragm. If you perform this every morning you feel the difference throughout your day.

The O 2 Trainer is great for the high-level athlete, but it also can be of great benefit to anyone who just is looking to improve their endurance and make their workout a little easier. While everyone is looking for the latest edge in terms of a workout or a supplement, don’t forget all fitness begins and ends with breathing and the O 2 Trainer will make sure your breathing is always efficient as possible.