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December 08, 2018 2 min read

I started to train a bit about six weeks ago even with all the traveling I’ve been doing. Lately, I have been more persistent. My whole life, I used an inhaler – even when I was competing. I would warm up, and that would spark a little asthma (Many asthma patients also experience this.)

Then I would use an inhaler and, voila, I was good to go for hours. Even when fighting, in the dressing room I ALWAYS used an inhaler. What I am saying now is 100% the truth. I haven’t used my inhaler for quiet a while now, not even after warming up. I can simply start my workouts and do NOT need an inhaler. Also when I would sneeze two or three times very “violently,” I would ALWAYS need an inhaler because my lungs would close (again, many asthma patients have the same issue, like my youngest daughter).

Right now I can sneeze whenever I need to, but don’t use the inhaler anymore. My buddy Pieter from Holland started using the o2trainer and never used his inhaler again. He was so amazed by it that he wanted to sell the o2trainer in Europe. He is now my European distributer, and that started with him simply using the o2trainer for a week.

I tried to contact doctors and told them about how great this is for their patients and that I want to give their patients an o2trainer so they can throw away their inhalers. I would send a letter where I explained what happened in my life, how I grew up with asthma and eczema and how I came up with the idea for the o2trainer at an early age, etc. I would also send an o2trainer for them to try out.

This way I thought to have proof as well so I can tell this to the people on my website/forums, but guess what? They didn’t call me back. My buddy said, “Of course they are not gonna call you back. Because when they give the o2trainer to their patients, they won’t come back to ask for prescriptions and they will lose business.”


I don’t wanna think like that and hope this is not true, of course, so when one of you readers personally knows a pulmonologist (a real one with credentials) and think he/she would be interested in trying this out and giving an o2trainer to a patient, please send an email to He will forward all legitimate leads to me and I will contact that doctor.

Thanks all, Godspeed & party on!