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Lung Capacity as a Musician

  • 1 min read

Not many musicians may think of MMA-style training when it comes to improving as an artist, but developing the lung muscles makes sense to both athletes and musicians. The o2Trainer developed by legendary mixed martial art champion Bas Rutten is an invaluable tool for singers and artists who perform with wind-instruments.

For a musician, as with athletes, breath is about control. Every part of the body needs oxygen to function, from the brain on down. Of course, breath is especially important for singing and playing brass instruments, both of which rely on air from the performer to produce music.

The o2Trainer can help increase power and control by training musicians to breath more powerfully by breathing properly. Many people breathe in their chest, using only their lungs, instead of their diaphragm. A simple way to identify this error is by placing one hand on the chest, and one hand on the stomach. If you take a breath and your chest rises, but not your stomach, then you are not breathing using the diaphragm. The O2Trainer develops the diaphragm by restricting air flow, forcing the user to engage the diaphragm more fully to draw in enough oxygen.

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