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The following is a review submitted by Doctor Wyatt. Dr. Wyatt is an independent Doctor at a University in TX that was requested by Bas to use and test the O2 Trainer. Dr. Wyatt has NO prior personal relationship with any O2 Trainer staff, and his services were NOT paid for. He was so impressed after using the unit for 12 days, that he asked if he could put his female track team on it, and run tests. The following is his feedback:

One thing I can state is that with the first run of statistics, the ventilation improved significantly. Your original claims of increased ventilatory muscles were correct. These young ladies all improved their volume of air they could ventilate. We will continue with blood hematocrit (increased red blood cells) and other measures and I will report them as soon as I have them.
Frank B. Wyatt,Ed.D., Associate Professor Department of Athletic Training & Exercise Physiology

And here are some more testimonials from real users!

I used to get lung infections and have really bad asthma attacks. When I got out of the hospital in the beginning of this year (Feb. 2011) I swore I’d never allow me to get a reason to go back. I spent 10 days there, gained weight and got weak. As soon as I was healthy I joined an MMA gym (Viet Le’s Team Assassin) and bought the O₂ Trainer.

I use the O₂ Trainer every day, and every day my stamina gets better, my work outs last longer and my lungs are stronger – I haven’t had to use an inhaler since April. Within the first couple days I immediately felt better. I talk louder, run faster and work harder with less fatigue and I feel great.

I went from being able to work out for maybe an hour to having almost unlimited stamina. My muscles give out before my lungs or my mind quits. I have a confidence that I didn’t know I needed in knowing that I’m not going to gas out. It helps me as a bouncer and in everyday life.

Thanks Bas for one more round and thank God for one more day!


Mike Goodspeed, Fighter, Athlete, Asthma Patient
Dear Bas Rutten,

I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your O₂ Trainer. Since purchasing it, I have used it with my Krav Maga training. I have also used it with the Bas Rutten MMA Workout. What a challenging workout when combined with the O₂ Trainer!! I have noticed remarkable gains in my stamina in just a short time with the O₂ Trainer. This device will definitely be an item that I will train with for years to come.

Thanks for making such an excellent product!

Kenneth B.
Dan J.: I’ve been using the o2 trainer for about 3 weeks now and the results are really impressive. My stamina and endurance have increased significantly within a short period of time. Here are the results for the workouts we’ve been tracking to prove it:

Jimmy L.: Training with the O2 has been pretty brutal. I have no experience with altitude training, nor have I worked with any other form of oxygen-restricting devices. However, my performance with the O2 Trainer has improved drastically. The first workout was very difficult to get through. I started out on Setting #3.

Here are the results for the workouts:


– Row 500m

– 40 Squats

– 30 Sit ups

– 20 Push ups

– 10 Pull ups

Test run without the O2 Trainer: Dan, 3:38 – Jimmy, 3:45

Week 1 O2 Trainer Screen 3: Dan, 4:12 – Jimmy, 4:23

Week 2 O2 Trainer Screen 3: Dan, 3:58 – Jimmy, 4:08

Donkey Kong:

– 21 Burpees

– 15 Box jumps

– 9 Kettlebell swings (55 lb.)
Test run without the O2 Trainer: Dan, 4:49 – Jimmy, 4:18

Week 1 O2 Trainer Screen 3: Dan, 5:26 – Jimmy, 5:48

Week 2 O2 Trainer Screen 3: Dan, 5:08; Jimmy

Jimmy L. & Dan J., Crossfit Synapse - Tarzana, CA
For the last 4 to 5 weeks before the use of the trainer I lost 1 lbs. The week that I have implemented the O2 Trainer I lost 3 lbs. I noticed more calories being burned, higher intensity on workouts, more sweat, and longer periods for heart rate to come back down. After creating a base line and looking at my numbers doing the same workouts I do see an increase of calories burned and so on. I am down to 209lbs from last weeks weigh in. Only 10lbs more to break under 200 again.
Shawn M., San Angelo, TX
Like I had mentioned I’m an cyclist racer and have been competing for over 20 yrs .. And as I have gotten older I know we loose power .. I’m 47 and I climb a hill today .. Latigo canyon and I have to say the product I’ve already shaved 2 mins from climbing today last week was way slower .. So does your product work -I have to say Yes !! My breathing is way better and I breath is not labered in any way. I’ve been doing the exersizes everyday and I use it only on my Nordic track . Great product!! I will keep you posted I’m Racing a big race this weekend so this will be the big test for me and how this product really works .. ! Very happy so far !! ,
David B., Cyclist Racer
Dear Bas Rutten,

I just got my O2 trainer today, that was really fast shipping for free shipping. I was so excited that I got it in I went to the gym even though I was going take a rest day. I am from Hawaii (just moved to Memphis, pooey) and use to spear fish. We use to make our own breathing trainers with old snorkels and tape. I know I have great cardio, I love to run, sprint and get my roadwork in for boxing; so I wanted to find something to help improve my cardio more than it is without over training.

So when I got into the gym I first jumped on the treadmill with the nose clip and level 1 size. I was suffering after the first minute. It felt like I was dragged under a heavy set of waves and fighting to get back to the surface. After 5 minutes I could see in the mirror that I was turning very visibly white. I kept going at a 7mph pace working on deep breaths. I made it through 30 minutes of running and was gasping when I took the o2 trainer out.

After I recovered I got into the boxing ring with the trainer, no nose clip and the level 6 size. I did 3-3minute shadow boxing rounds with the last 30seconds burpees. I was gasing out fast, it was close if not worse than full sparring. I recover for a round then start hitting heavy bag, I was throwing combos well with proper snapping but my lungs and heart were on fire. At this point a guy employee who has used multiple elevation trainers dares me to do a boxing conditioning class that was about to start… I should mention I am very dumb.

Class begins and I am just dying in the first 10 minutes. We then get to the rounds of heavy bag I am hitting hard and fast (i know because as I am typing I see my knuckles are brused) but I can tell I my recovery between combos is slower and my slips not up to speed. I made it all 6 rounds, I felt great because I saw other people had dropped out WITH OUT O2 TRAINERS. After the rounds we do core and I swear the coach picked the exercises just to make it worse. I was given a 25lb plate which I held on my chest as we did 6 minutes of leg lifts, twist, flutters. I breathing at this point as very very hard to do. During the stretch I was making a lot of noise breathing in and out.

I have never felt so beat before. I am very much hooked with the O2 trainer and am recommending it to everyone I know, already tonight I had a lot of people ask about the O2 trainer. I am very proud to tell people too that the product is from El Guapo himself Bas Rutten. I am a boxing fan, I train boxing and sometimes watch MMA; BUT, I have always been a fan of El Guapo in the ring, his advice and just his great positive attitude.

If I had to make the choice of only having 2 pieces of equipment to workout with the rest of my life it will be my running shoes and the Bas Rutten O2 trainer.
Mahalos guys on a great product.

Brandon A., Boxer
I recently used the Bas Rutten O₂ Trainer during two workouts. On the 3rd day, I trained without the device. To my surprise, my breathing seemed more relaxed and efficient. I was not looking for this to happen, and I was really surprised to experience positive results after only two days. As a result, I had to ask myself how this could happen. After some serious thought, I came to the following conclusion…

For me, using the O₂ Trainer for those first two workouts prompted me to breath deeper during the 3rd workout when I did not use the device. It was like having a coach make an adjustment in my running form so that my technique could be improved and my training could be a little more efficient.

Furthermore, the O₂ Trainer was comfortable and simple to use. I also know that Bas designed it so that it will be easy to adjust as I become even more conditioned. So, now I look forward to continuing to use the O₂ Trainer – and seeing what other surprises its use will have for my training.

George Ryan, SWAT Defensive Tactics Instructor