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Hypoxia: Don’t Be a Victim in High Altitude Training~ Train your lungs

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Hypoxia: Don’t Be a Victim in High Altitude Training~ Train your lungs

Hypoxia is a condition that occurs when the body is deprived of oxygen. Even the fittest athletes may experience hypoxia while high altitude training. This potentially fatal condition has a number of symptoms that occur when the cells fail to get the oxygen that they need.


The initial symptoms of hypoxia may include headaches, fatigue, inability to catch your breath or breathe normally, an unexplained sense of euphoria, and nausea. Those symptoms are typical when the athlete is experiencing a slow onset of hypoxia. However, many athletes experience severe hypoxia while high altitude training. The symptoms during rapid onset may include a change in consciousness, a seizure, a coma, and even death.


For years, athletes who were competing at high altitudes have had to concede titles and games to opponents who were used to those conditions. Now, however, there is a solution that can help athletes to overcome the risk of hypoxia and increase their stamina for high altitude training. The solution is the O2 lungTrainer.


The O2 lungTrainer is a research backed tool that increases the endurance of your  respiratory muscles. It trains your body to work with less oxygen so that it can perform at high levels regardless of altitude. Whether you want to compete at altitude or simply increase your endurance, the O2 LungTrainer is the tool that will help you get there.

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