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How to Use the O2 Trainer for Success

December 08, 2018 1 min read

The O2 Trainer can be used in a multitude of ways in order to develop or maintain a healthy life. Since the Trainer comes with a number of different vents, anyone at any fitness level can use it. The key to the Trainer, and its ultimate goal, is to help you control your breathing for an overall better workout.

Controlling the amount of oxygen entering the body helps strengthen the immune system as well as the core. With the O2 Trainer, controlling oxygen intake becomes easier because the built-in vents reduce the amount of oxygen that goes in. Start at a lower level and build your way up to reduced oxygen at your own pace for better breathing and better living.

During workouts, simply keep the O2 Trainer in the mouth and work out as usual. You will notice that the amount of oxygen you are taking in is less than usual. But what you will also notice is that your core is being challenged. As a result, you will learn to take in more oxygen with fewer breaths while strengthening your abdominal muscles and decreasing breathlessness during strenuous activity. In the end, you’ll be doing this on your own.