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"Any professional athlete knows, that having stamina is THE most important thing there is in competition. Throughout my entire Mixed Martial Arts career, I have never ran out of gas. Like they say, you can have a Ferrari, but when you don't fill it with gas, it won't drive. The O2 Trainer will give you stamina like you have NEVER had before".

Bas Rutten

- Three Time King of Pancrase World Champion

- UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World

How do I do the breathing exercises?

Click here to view the Breathing Technique Video . It's a good idea to train with no cap for the first 5 minutes of your workout, or during your warm up routine; warming up your lungs is as important as warming up any other muscle.

How do I change screens?

The flap has two little holes in them that align with the holes inside the cap, please click here to watch the Re-Attach Flap Video for more detailed instructions.

Do I need to warm up with or before using the O2 Trainer?

We recommend warming up with no cap at all for 5 minutes to get the lungs warmed up. After that you will be ready to use the caps and do a full workout.

I feel the muscles in the center of my back when I use the O2 Trainer, is this normal?

This is a good sign and totally normal especially in the first 15 minutes. What you are feeling is the lung muscles being put to work and being filled with lactic acid. This should subside after 15 minutes and if you are still feeling it, you are probably working your lungs too hard. Give your O2 Trainer exercising a break for the day and try again with your next workout or the following day!

I feel my core, is this normal?

This is a very good indication that you are using the O2 Trainer properly, and that you are breathing through your diaphragm, with proper form!

Do I workout every day with the O2 Trainer?

Using the unit O2 Trainer 4 times a week, during intense conditioning workouts should be enough. You are training your lung and diaphragm muscles and they will be getting a powerful workout; to maximize their strength they do need a chance to rest! To get the most out of any workout routine, you need to take breaks and alternate your areas of focus and let your muscles take a break!

Can I do breathing exercises every day?

Yes you can, since they are much shorter then your normal workouts. Make sure you exhale all the way, and then inhale while using your diaphragm and keep your shoulders relaxed. Focus on your core to "pull" the air in. Four sets of 12 each, with one minute rest in between, will be perfect. Just take the screen that you feel the most comfortable with and train your lungs anywhere you want.

How fast do I go down with the screen sizes?

It's simple - when you can do your workout without "cheating" (getting extra air by opening your mouth around the mouthpiece) and it becomes relatively easy, that is when you are ready to make the switch to the next screen. If you are struggling to get through the workout, you are NOT ready to change screens. Easy does it, take your time and work towards your goal!

Do I stop when I get dizzy?

Common now, OF COURSE you do! Feeling dizzy is not a normal effect, and is a good indicator that you need to use a lower numbered screen. Don't push yourself too hard, all of the screens will train your lungs - proper form yields the best results!

Does it matter on which side I have the, inhale and exhale cap?

YES! Make sure the cap with the numbered screen, is on the right side when it is in your mouth, the left side when you are looking at it. The exhale cap should always be on the left side when it is in your mouth and the right side when you are looking at it.

The top of the O2 Trainer is printed with the Jumping Dragon Logo (jumping splits figure).

Do I use the wipes every time? How do I clean the O2 Trainer?

You only need to use wipes only when you have no water available! If possible rinse thoroughly with warm water. You should always cleanse the unit before storing to keep it fresh and sanitary!

Has this apparatus been approved by the FDA or comparable organization in the USA?

Yes, you are rebreathing a little bit your own breath, but I made it on purpose this small so it's almost nothing.

STILL, there are studies done right now that might show a "spark in red blood cell count" when "rebreathing" your own breath.

Many swimmers use their snorkels outside the pool for this, to tell you the truth I had this idea for the o2trainer since I was 14. I told all my friends about it. About 5 years ago Wanderlei Silva (An MMA fighter) was shown on TV training with a snorkel device while doing his "bag work". I had 6 or 7 phone calls that night from all my friends who watched that show as well and said: "Bas, you have to start making the Ruttenizer (that was my original name, haha), because otherwise somebody else is going to come up with it"

And that's where I started working on the patent.

I always thought that by using a snorkel device you rebreathe too much of your own breath and that's why you see people passing out sometimes when doing this. I wanted to make this a safe product so I made it on purpose this small.

In other words, no need to worry, (I posted this on the website last week as well) just use it as directed and only when your workout becomes "easy" again, and only then, you switch to just 1 harder setting. Don't skip a setting, just go 1mm smaller every time till you are used to it because that means your inspiratory system (core, diaphragm and lungs) is stronger now and pulls the same amount of air through the 1mm smaller hole as it did before with the bigger hole.